Hiking in Umbria – start directly from the front door of Countryhouse L´Ariete.

Hiking in Umbria: Circular walk in Montone

Umbria: Circular Walk around Montone Through the Umbrian hills, medieval Montone always insight - with 2-4 hours and not too many ups and downs perfect for a relaxed day in the countryside - take a lunch with you and sit under olive trees. Starting- and Endpoint is Agriturismo L´ARIETE, and you will pass through Montone. A good overview of numerous [...]

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The great flower-show of Castelluccio

The great plains of Castellucchio in southern Umbria explode with colours in June and July - 15km2 of meadows in blossom  - a natural spectacle not to be missed if you are visiting Umbria in early summer. From Montone it is a relaxed 2-hours drive to get there; obviously don´t forget your camera and your walking boots, and enjoy a very colourful [...]

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Truffle hunt in Umbria

Truffles are important to Umbria and the Umbrians. For those who want to gain more insight we can recommend a tour with the family Bianconi in citta di Castello. Why them and not any of the many other small enterprises in the area? Well, he has build up his own private truffle museum. Which to [...]

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