Italian way of life

La Piazza, il Cafe, la Gente

News, pleasure, gossip, politics Italians love their piazza; city patio, living room, as they often call it. This is the place to exchange gossip: will Siga. Grimaldi actually be able to afford this summers vacation in Capri? Have Sig. Fillipo´s sons returned from Milano? And what about the rumours that Siga. Lucarelli has found a illegitimate replacement for the late Sig. Lucarelli? Hords of Vespas appear on the piazza and cut off conversations for a moment. The piazza and its bars are the place where politcs is happening, city history re-written, children are baptized, and deals made, and last but not least new arrivals and tourists saluted: Buon Giorno! From Stati Uniti? Germania? Prendiamo un cafe! And off you are for an espresso..

Montone, the pittoresque village watching over L’ARIETE, is a place where this is still true. There may be no Signore Fillipo or no Signorina Lucarelli – but they are here, and you will meet them when you walk through the medieval walls and suddenly stand in the middle of the small piazza, and they will be happy to introduce you to their home-town.

The same is true for many other of the smaller villages and hamlets in the area. “Slow living” was obviously invented here and still determines the pace of life. Of course things are changing – some to the better, and some to the worse – unimployment is a reality in the rural areas, resulting in the young ones mving to the cities, and just the old ones remaining in the villages, shopping centers are on the rise, and the local infrastructure in decline .. But it still works, and tourists do actually play a vital role for the continued existence. Montone does offer all it needs for your stay – and Giuseppina, Guido and all the other shopkeepers say Grazie!