Montone – little Italy

Montone was elected one of Italy´s most beautiful villages. And yes, the lifely hamlet really deserves it!

High up on a ridge, watching over the valley of the river Carpina, facing the Appenin peaks far in the back; a fully preserved surrounding wall, on top of it the small houses with colourful fronts, nestled around the piazza, center of the village and Italian life in small scale. Not over-crowded… but in contrast to many other villages still a lively place, and not merely a “museum”.

The local infrastructure provides you with everyday services: 2 alimentari, the small groceries, butcher and bakery, a post office, bank with ATM, bookshop and hairdresser, 2 cafés – and an amazing number of really good restaurants!

Culture: this is not Assisi but still … – 3 centuries-old churches, the convent of San Francesco with a beautiful and peaceful cloister, the Collegiata hosting the “Santa Spina”, just one more thorne from Christ´s crown of thorns.

But most importantly: Montone is a place to sit, enjoy, watch, talk with the people, have a coffee, read your book, listen to the chat on the piazza, move on to the next bar, have a coffee,… vacation!

Montone – party place!

Well, not exactly, but there are a couple of occasions where the city is buzzing with life. The whole village is engaged in organizing and running the event, and guests just have to enjoy the world class food prepared by the Montonesi.

Umbria Film Festival – the essence of an independent film festival for those movie afficinados; takes place in Montone, on the main piazza! Each year during the first week of July

La Donazione della Santa Spina – big festival with religious background; two dates to watch this colourful spectacle – the Monday after Easter Sunday and the Middle of August

Festa del Bosco – White Truffels, wild boar sausages, black truffels, ancient fruits like Corbezzoli and Giuggiole, new wine and olive oil – this very traditional festiva takes place on the weekend around the 1st of November. This is a local event where families re-unite, but it´s definitely more than that; people come from all over Italy (and some from abroad as well). Enjoy the food prepared by the quarters of the village, and served in old cellars and outside on the terazza, taste the local products offered and just be part of the 3 days party!