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Things to do and see in Umbria

These are some entertaining alternatives to staying at our place and relax; this chapter and the following pages will give you an overview.

Culinary: Umbria, famous for its truffles – rightly -, not known for its wines – wrongly! Plus there is the classic Italy – food as an essential part of live, culture and philosophy, combined with a plethora of local farmers, bee keepers, butchers and so on, whose products are of exceptional quality – just because that´s the way it was and should be!

Sports: Umbria is the green heart of Italy, it is a land of small farmers and a comparably low population density. This in turn means plenty of unspoilt nature, and many opportunities for the biker and hiker. You can start longer or shorter, easy or strenuous tours right from the frontdoor of L’ARIETE, or explore Lago Trasimeno area or the Appenin Nationa Park on days trips. Golf: There is a very well maintained golf course in a breath-taking setting just a 15min drive away from L’ARIETE.

Culture: Where to start? The variety and sheer number of cultural highlights is breathtaking, and a selection will always be difficult. Maybe a mix of must-sees and hidden gems? In any case, you won´t be disappointed! Follow this link to get an idea of Umbria´s Cultural highlights.

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