Arriverderci Austria – it´s been a pleasure, but we move on

martina kreisMartina: as a student fell in love with Perugia´s charm while touring Europe; decided to stay there and study arts; moved to Vienna after some happy and wonderful years to continue her studies of arts history; many years of life dictated by blackberry and agendas, too many years of longing for Italy followed. Finally the decision to make Umbria´s rolling hills the new home, and to share the love for this beautiful country with our guests.

andi profil kreisAndreas: As a student of ecology fell in love with the charm of the young idealistic artist. For many years in action for animal welfare and environmental protection, unfortunately also too many years of city life and away from nature. Finally the decision to leave behind the business world and refocus on those things you really have a passion for.

laci portrait profil kreisLaci: Hungarian straydog Martina & Andreas fell in love with; maybe not entirely unselfish, he voted for a life with fixed meals and a regular schedule. Misses the Austrian winter with all its snow, ice and cold winds, doesn´t share his prides admiration for hot and sunny Italy – but loves people so overall a perfect environment.