Our little organic farm shop

Organic & slow, quality & taste

We are just a small farm – and we have no ambitions to become larger.

Our goal is to care for our land the best we can, respect nature and simply produce honest top quality products.

So far we can offer the following delicacies here at L´ARIETE – exclusively for us and our guests – for sale in the farm shop, or on your table if you decide to dine with us:

MOSTARDA – spicy jams typical for the region, best to enjoy with some local sheep – cheese from our neighbors

Depending on the season we can choose between: Figs – Peaches – Pears

OLIVE OIL – 300 trees that we care for together with our friend Massimo – no fertilizers, no pesticides, olives hand-picked, brought to the mill the same day, where the precious fruits are pressed using modern machines and the highest production standards – no concessions to tradition acceptable at this stage

The result: a perfect oil – low acidity, high polyphenol levels (core element of the Mediterranean Diet!) – and a D.O.P. certification

If you want to know the whole story of our oil: here is the link

HOMEGROWN salad, tomatoes, egg-plants, all types of berries, figs etc – depending on the season; for the restaurant and our guest´s kitchen and cooking adventures

Fresh juices, jam & marmelade – from raspberries, elderflowers, grapes, apples, ..

Honey – 10 hives, no sugar added, one harvest a year, double fermentation – a beautiful work, a tasty product – and thanks for all the pollination work, ladies!

From our neighbours: 

SHEEP – CHEESE – 500 sheep, 5 shepherds dogs – the famous Maremmano race – acres of pastures to graze all year long – delicious cheese, what else

BREAD – Tripple AAA organic and once a week made in a wood-fired oven

TRUFFLES – once the season starts (around July) we can arrange for freshly collected truffles – either you join them for the hunt or the guys bring them around