Novità 2019

BREAKFAST EGG FOR EVERYONE La Gallina Ancona - one of Italy´s heirloom chicken varieties. Some of these beautiful and productive hens will provide the Agriturismo and our guests with 100% organic eggs. Construction of fox -safe fencing and nest boxes already under way :-) CINEMA

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The great flower-show of Castelluccio

The great plains of Castellucchio in southern Umbria explode with colours in June and July - 15km2 of meadows in blossom  - a natural spectacle not to be missed if you are visiting Umbria in early summer. From Montone it is a relaxed 2-hours drive to get there; obviously don´t forget your camera and your walking boots, and enjoy a very colourful

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Horseback Riding in Umbria

Horseback Riding in Umbria Together with our neighbors we offer horseback riding into the Umbrian hills. The experienced trainers Sara, Celine and her colleagues guarantee for a safe and fun trip. Explore the Umbrian countryside in 2-8 hour trips, stopp for lunch - and maybe even go for a swim with your horse!  

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